What is ValueStructuring®?


  • Is a proprietary research methodology
  • Is rooted in intimate knowledge of buyers' and prospects’ motivations
  • Uncovers insights through individual, in-depth interviews

How is ValueStructuring® Different?

ValueStructuring reaches deep beneath the surface, revealing the:

  • attitudes
  • desires
  • missed insights
  • underlying values that motivate behavior

Hard-to-reach audiences respond well to ValueStructuring® and enjoy being interviewed because it:

  • is a very private one-on-one conversation
  • recognizes their importance
  • respects their time
  • responds to the issues they feel are important
  • engages them rather than testing them

Summus’ ValueStructuring® research delivers highly actionable insights that create a competitive advantage in marketing to current and future customers.

Summus has developed applications of the ValueStructuring® method to drive specific business solutions in:

  • New Opportunity Identification
  • Corporate and Product Positioning
  • Customer Experience Models
  • Client Relationship Diagnostic
  • Cultural and Behavioral Alignment
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