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Ricardo C. Calvillo
Chairman, Summus, Limited

Ric began his diverse career in marketing and advertising with B.F.A and M.B.A degrees in hand, starting at Lintas/Campbell Ewald and Young & Rubicam, quickly rising through a series of senior management positions. Subsequently, he served at a Y&R subsidiary, Marsteller, as a member of the Board of Directors and President of its U.S. company. Ric was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Nadler & Larimer and, later, Chairman and CEO of Calvillo, Shevack & Partners, Inc.

As an entrepreneur, Ric has pursued diverse opportunities. In 1986, he became a merchant banker in New York and co-founded Summus, Limited, as well as Veritas Group, Ltd., a diversified family of marketing services companies. In 1989, Ric became Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Calet, Hirsch & Spector, the predecessor company to FerrellCalvillo Communications, in the Veritas Group. In his career, Ric has worked in a wide range of businesses including, consumer electronics and imaging, financial services, automotive, healthcare, food and beverage, retail, travel, and jewelry and watches.

President, Summus, Limited

Ms. Schmatz is a co-founder of Summus and is a much sought after expert in corporate strategic positioning.

Ms. Schmatz’s professional approach focuses on strategic and structural strengths of an organization with an emphasis on the practicality of implementation. She is well versed in handling the special challenges facing corporations operating in diverse national and cultural frameworks.

She has been engaged by Fortune 500 companies for strategic marketing and organizational development in a broad range of industries, including retail, automotive, financial and professional services, information services and technology among others. She has helped direct the implementation of strategies at all levels, from management processes to communications to executive development and behavioral alignment.

Ms. Schmatz leads the ValueStructuring® practice, a unique and proprietary research methodology. It differs from other qualitative research in that it reveals deeper motivational factors – something of immeasurable value to successful strategic marketing communications and client relationship management.

In addition to involvement in various industry associations and public speaking, Ms. Schmatz is a co-founder of the Reference Standards Board which facilitates the reference giving process central to securing outsourcing engagements. She holds a B.A. and M.B.A. from the University of Chicago with a concentration in international business and economics, anthropology and social psychology.

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