What is DataMaxing®?

DataMaxing® takes ValueStructuring® to the next level by segmenting customer databases based on whether and why they are interested in a set of products and services, as opposed to simply whether they can afford to be.

DataMaxing® is the process of integrating:

1. Attitudinal and behavioral segmentation,

  • grounded in deep psychological motivations
  • uncovered through ValueStructuring® research

2. Product and service preferences,

  • based on attitudinal and behavioral segmentation
  • validated and scaled through quantitative research

3. Observable characteristics, e.g. purchase behavior,

  • available from existing customer database and prospect lists
  • rationalized through statistical methods

4. Demographic and behavioral variables,

  • identified by appending data from external sources
  • developed through merging of databases

These four components are integrated into a sophisticated, mathematical model. This model is used to predict profitability and receptivity to products and services among different target audience segments.


How is DataMaxing® Different?

The level of personalization attainable with DataMaxing® provides a powerful source of:

  • Differentiation
  • Distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace

DataMaxing® yields a unique formula for allocating resources based on the profit potential of each target audience segment type.

This can be used to create a framework for relationship managers and business developers to be more efficient in many ways.

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