Proprietary Methodologies

Summus understands the importance of building and managing customer and prospect relationships. We are committed to the job of helping our clients achieve desirable relationships. Our premise is simple and straightforward:

  • First, the concept of a relationship is meaningless in the absence of an intimate understanding of the motivations of the prospect or customer
  • Second, the company that possesses superior customer intelligence will enjoy greater marketplace advantage

In today’s information age, managers are inundated with data regarding buying behavior, i.e. what people do. But, current buying behavior is only an indication of past choices.

The data leaves a critical information gap: Why do people behave as they do? Make the purchasing decisions they do?

It is this knowledge of the why that can best predict future client behavior.

We fill that information gap.

Summus offers a customized knowledge-based approach that is particularly effective in…

  • understanding the psychology of the buyer
  • identifying gaps and opportunities in their expectations
  • creating revenue generating efficiencies based on enduring relationships
  • uncovering missed insights to be leveraged

…to serve as the basis for developing effective strategies and process

  • to find and reach the prospect
  • to design the right service platform, products and services in the United States and abroad
  • to manage and mine customer franchises and target groups for greater profitability overtime
  • to develop an enduring and encompassing positioning mapped to the ideal provider, relationship, product and service offering

Using our proprietary methodologies, we are able to analyze both current customers and the prospect universe to disclose those underlying factors that explain "the why” of behavior. This is the knowledge base on which more productive go-to-market strategies can be designed.

With these strategies:

  • Product or service offerings can be repositioned for greater leverage
  • More effective communications can be developed
  • More precise prospect targeting becomes possible
  • Opportunities for line extensions or new products or services are identified
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